EMC Pre-compliance

Our clients and partners experience an effective and perfected process for manufacturing of their products. Svep Design Center provides support and assistance for manufacturing by minimizing the time it takes to get a product into production. The steps from prototype builds scaled up into smaller volumes and later into a mass production are seamless and cost effective.

EMC testing and verification

Svep Design Center has many years of experience with pre-compliance measurements related to EMC, Radio and Safety, laying the ground for a successful formal compliance process.

In doing this we can of course work with external measurement sites depending on customer requirements, but we prefer to use our in-house GTEM 1000 (Gigahertz Transverse Electro Magnetic) test cell – this allows us to verify both immunity and emissions in a very efficient way.

Photo of GTEM


We perform emissions and immunity testing in-house, with our GTEM cell.

  • Emmition testing within 9KHz to 3GHZ
  • Radiated immunity testing within 80Mhz to 1GHz
  • Targeted testvolume is within 33x33x33cm

Booking and Pricing

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EMC Laboratory access 2500 SEK/h

Laboratory services and technicians for testing and consultation, avaliable at a minimum half day setup and usage. Contact us for a taylormade test procedure with support from specialists and technicians within the field.