Industrial Electronics

The main difference between industrial and consumer products is the key priorities during the development process. Industrial products must be functionally secure, sustainable and highly robust.

In Svep Design Center’s 40 years of business we have developed a large quantity of products for industrial and professional use. The technical expertise required for developing industrial products is largely similar to that required for consumer products. In order for a product to succeed we need a comprehensive understanding of the field in which the product will be used. Acquiring this knowledge is a given phase in our development processes.

Just a few examples of our many projects are given below

  • We have developed a sensor which measures the depth of holes drilled in panelling to aid kitchen fitters with assembly.
  • We have developed monitoring and alarm systems and ironed out any potential consequences if an alarm doesn’t reach the alarm center.
  • We have developed industrial communication units, essential for worry-free production in many different factories. At Svep we put ourselves in the client’s shoes and understand the client’s customers’ expectations surrounding the product. Together with our clients we create specifications and develop products that customers want.