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Technology, design and innovation. At Svep Design Center we help transform our clients’ ideas and concepts into reality, providing innovative solutions for businesses worldwide. 40 years in the market has equipped us with a wealth of experience and wide-ranging expertise. Which concepts would you like to bring to life?

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We have developed over a hundred different products over the years, sold in hundreds of millions of copies worldwide. Here at Svep, expertise, innovation and experience go hand in hand. Quite simply: we make product development easy!

Cloud Development


Online devices which communicate with cloud platforms. High-volume data management and analysis.

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Consumer Products


Development of mass-volume consumer electronics using the latest technology. Cost-optimisation, miniaturisation, fast turnaround on design.

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Industrial Products


Products with particular consideration given to robust communication, longevity, operating temperatures and other environmental conditions.

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Example Projects

At Svep we are driven by innovation. We have created incredible products together with our clients. Why not challenge us with your ideas!

We are located in Lund, Sweden

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Mikael Bergqvist
I am proud to work for one of the world’s most experienced hardware and software development teams.


Fredrik Carlberg
It feels amazing to be able to share all the experience and excellence that Svep has to offer with our clients. The family atmosphere at Svep is a strength to both cherish and protect, it’s definitely an asset for customers and employees alike.


Katarina Permgård
Chief Financial Officer
In simple terms of addition, 1+1=2. However the most valuable thing at Svep is our colleagues; they are invaluable. Therefore, the usual laws of mathematics do not apply; at Svep we are greater than the sum of our parts. 1+1 is always >2.


Dean Mocibob
Meeting clients and understanding their needs is fundamental to my work. Furthermore, it’s always enjoyable to be able to bring sound technical expertise to the table.


Daniel Nord
Our strengths are curiosity and collective knowledge, which serve to our advantage when facing new challenges. My focus and interest is in cloud solutions and usability.


Fredrik Redgård
Chief Architect
Using new technologies to solve previously unsolvable problems and pushing the limits of possibility makes my work really exciting.


Mikael Hegardt
Key account manager
Even after over 20 years working within development, there are still new things to learn and new problems to solve. Working together with our clients and our world-class engineers is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.


Bo Nyman
Chairman of the board
Each year is effectively the start of a new age. For 40 years Svep has successfully managed to adapt to the constant change brought by new times. We therefore intend to continue in this trend.

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